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We help you with:


Planning - We help you plan and stage your event to ensure the most professional production to match your audience expectations


Promotion and marketing - We guide you to market your event to ensure you get the maximum attendees, ready to listen & keen to watch

Audience - How to build your audience before the event so that you have a pool of attendees ready to spend, hear or listen

Run of Show - How to prepare a logical sequence for the show, pacing and keeping customers watching until the end

Technical advice - We cover everything you need to know in order to maximise the running a smooth live streaming event without hiccups


Hardware and software - The hardware and software you need to go live. Your requirements will dictate the needs, commonly you can go live with a small of investment in hardware and software

Presentation - We will guide you to show you that YOU can live stream in front of the camera and entertain your audience following some simple guidelines. We also help you with your graphical content, overlays, stingers, text tickers and entertainment value


Ordering and payments - we help to simplify your processes of taking orders, processing payment, and processing the supply


Maximise the outcome - Overall we help you to achieve your targets  whether that be sales, attendance numbers, sign-ups or simply the clear delivery of your message

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Our customer mix with examples include:

Retailers -  online live sales event, promotions, Special offers etc.

Businesses - part of the marketing mix, promoting their products or services; Shareholder meetings or announcements

Local Government Services - meetings and announcements

Charities - Online Live donation events

Artists events: Musicians - promoting new releases, upcoming gigs or tours;

 - Plays for online viewers

Memorial Services - for those far away who cannot attend in person

Creatives - presenting products or skills to their community

Exhibitions, Expo's & Shows





Training Videos


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