Summary Screen


Summary screen combines the Color Inspector & Job window, both can be closed off to extend the area of main window.

It displays scoring information for each measurement of the colour bar, CMYK & Spot colour solid averages, Plate/Dot Gain curves comprising Target, Measurement & Adjustment graphics.

CMYK & Spot colours will be displayed at the bottom showing averaged readings for the Job measurement.

Spectral data is converted to density values, displayed within each of the Solid colour boxes.

pressSIGN displays colour data including Density, L*a*b, Lch, ∆E & ∆H values.

The large 90% score in green, is the calculated score based upon a number of values defined by the target, including dot gain, and grey balance shown on the right of the Summary screen.

Figures in red denote measurements greater than the ∆E target tolerance(s).