Live! selling: compelling numbers!

Consumers spent $861.12 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2020, up an incredible 44.0% year over year, according to Digital Commerce 360 estimates.

Online spending represented 21.3% of total retail sales...

ALL of the growth in retail came from ecommerce.


In 2020, Facebook Live became an important part of marketing strategies where video content was already being used. This increase was about 32%. (Wyzowl, 2021)


79% of marketers say live video facilitates a more authentic interaction with an audience. (Go-Globe, 2017)


82% of viewers say they prefer seeing a live stream rather than a brands social posts. (Tech Jury, 2020)


80% of people would rather watch a live video from a brand than read their blog. (Tech Jury, 2020)


Two-thirds of marketers that target consumers use live streaming for marketing. (Content Marketing Institute, 2020)


Companies that use video tools grow revenue 49 percent faster than non-video users. (Wordstream, 2020)


About 80% of marketing professionals say that video content is becoming more important in the business world. (4CInsights, 2019)


Live video campaigns boost video engagement by twice as much for influencer marketing. (RhythmOne, 2018)


Nearly a quarter of marketers have reported that live streaming is the most effective tool for promoting trade shows. (The Social Effect, 2019)


Animotos Social Video Forecast suggests that 76.5% of marketers and small business owners are seeing results with video marketing. (Animoto, 2016)


Nearly 3/4 of millennials report that videos are helpful when they are comparing products while online shopping. (TechJury, 2020)


35% percent of marketers use live video. This is a rise of 20% year-on-year. (Mediakix, 2019)


70% of marketers say that video produces more conversions than any other content. (Hubspot, 2017)





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