Save time and money with the pressSIGN softproofing option. No more hard copy proofs and time consuming press passes.

pressSIGN softproofing module is included with pressSIGN Global Print Management (GPM) and pressSIGN-Pro versions.

Use pressSIGN softproofing on the press floor, in the production office, using a pressSIGN-Pro or Trends client, anywhere in the world.

Seeing is believing. pressSIGN softproofing option lets you see how the job is printing and the impact that paper color or curve adjustments will have on the printed output, whilst always being able to compare the original target colour.

The left-hand-side displays the printed sheed based upon the Target Standard. The right-hand-side shows how the press sheet is currently printing, and offers a view with correction curves applied and current press ink zone data.

This display can also be refined to individual plate colours, for example, displaying only the Cyan plate.

Also, with the Color Inspector window open, hovering your cursor over the image will provide immediate feedback of colour data such as Lab values, CMYK mix, ∆E.

Simply Brilliant. Simply included.