pressSIGN is the most comprehensive, feature rich, independent (of Press & measurement device manufacturers) colour measurement software for printers, brand owners & colour critical organisations.

pressSIGN links to all popular measurement devices and modern closed-loop systems, bringing together reporting and quality assurance standards across  production types into one single complete solution. Ideal for multi-site organizations and single print sites alike.

Essential feature list:

  • G7 certified system, output G7 (NPDC) compliant curves; plus ISO or 4CX curves
  • Connects with spectrophotometers from X-rite, Techkon, Barbieri & more..
  • Closed loop colour control data exchange with Heidelberg, Komori, KBA and others
  • third-party closedloop colour control systems from: Digital Information Ltd (Ink Zone) (CMYK); Rutherford Systems (X-rite); Press link/PrintFlow (Techkon)
  • Output plate correction curves for 20+ pre-press workflows and file types including: Agfa Apogee; Prinect; Esko; Harmony and others
  • Provides immediate press Colour/Density adjustment data based upon any target, including international G7 & ISO target standards, or custom standards which can be created in the software
  • Extensive Reporting for single jobs/projects and press output data, allowing you to easily compare presses, operators and individual jobs and project output
  • Client options for measurement functions (PRO) and reporting and curve output (Trends)
  • Serving multiple press types, Litho/Flexo/Gravure/Digital &/or measurement requirements
  • Multi–site framework for centralised management of colour production, Target standards, colour libraries and reporting
  • Direct download to brand or print management organisations for automated quality assurance and approval
  • Share/Import/ExportCustom target standards and spot colour libraries
  • PANTONE®LIVE ™ link
  • Shawk! Colordrive export
  • PANTONE®® libraries included, complete, latest versions, with full Spectral data
  • Unlimited custom spot colour libraries
  • Measure any solid colour or sequence individually or as a strip to obtain readings data and reporting analysis
  • Comprehensive Dry back feature allowing for print compensation from 'Printed' to 'Finished'. Compensates for ink drying or applied coatings
  • Soft proofing with ink zone aware display; predictive curve adjustments; Before/After split screen