Version 11 - NEW VERSION - APRIL 2022 updated 10 Aug 2022 v11.1.2.11103


[New Features]

- Simpler job creation. Copy from a recent or previous job, or create a job from a template

- ALL Clients can create jobs with 12 spot colours (+CMYK)

- Digital Edition license with focus on digital print requirements & export to digital RIPs

- Faster 4CX, G7 curve calculations

- Faster Softproof calculations

- {PRO} Custom Delta E formulas

- {PRO} New Delta E visualizations showing maximum colour difference & 3D tolerance images

- {PRO} Custom Delta E per spot library, or per colour in a job

- {PRO} PQX import/export

- {PRO} X-Rite ColorCert job upload

- Barbieri LFP qb Spectrophotometer Support

- Alias Search/replace system checks for a valid expression

- Installer supports SSL secure encryption setup

- {WIN} Higher resolution curve images

- Updated KBA Parser

- Colorcert works on Windows 2019 Server

- Importing Apogee curves imports all colours in the file, not those in the current job.

- Open Job Window shows Pass/Fail/ABC scores per job

- Administrator configurable password strength and expiry.



Version - MARCH 2022


[New Features]

- {GPM Subscription Only} Custom Delta E formulas.

- {GPM Subscription Only} New Delta E visualisations showing maximum colour difference & 3D tolerance images.

- {GPM Subscription Only} Custom delta E per library and colour in a job.

- {GPM Subscription Only} PQX import/export

- {Auto Mode} Import IP1 files



[New Features]

- {Auto Mode} target will only change if explicitly told to by an imported file.

- {Auto Mode} Only make a PDF if a measurement has been added or updated

- {Auto Mode} Option to not import a file if a colour is missing,but there is a target value in the file.