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Version 11, APRIL 2022: updated 30 April 2023 beta v11.3.0.11323


[New Features]

- ColorCert Visual Assessment

- Recent jobs can be loaded from the toolbar : video

- Fast Job switching.

- Import curve data from AGFA JDF files connected to a supported Apogee Server.

- Randomize color bar patches option, maintaining contrast/colour difference : video


[NEW pressSIGN 11 FEATURES] ...up to b11278 : video


- PANTONEĀ® v5 2023 Coated & Uncoated Libraries included : video

- X-rite eXact 2 support

- X-Rite i1Pro 3 support

- Barbieri LFP qb Spectrophotometer Support

- {MacOS} Universal builds for servers, helpers and Server Monitor : Server Monitor video

- Import/Export HYBRID Standalone RIP curve files.



- Simpler job creation. Copy from a recent or previous job, or create a job from a template : video

- Open Job Window shows Pass/Fail/ABC scores per job

- ALL Clients can create jobs with 12 spot colours (+CMYK)

- Digital Edition license with focus on digital print requirements & export to digital RIPs : video

- Faster 4CX, G7 curve calculations

- Faster Softproof calculations

- Improved density spot previews

- Alias Search/replace system checks for a valid expression

- New printed label type with density, Delta E and TVI


{Server Monitor} -  displays license and server information : Server Monitor video


{FEATURES} : video

- {PRO} Custom Delta E formulas

- {PRO} New Delta E visualizations showing maximum colour difference & 3D tolerance images

- {PRO} Custom Delta E per spot library, or per colour in a job

- {PRO} PQX import/export

- {PRO} X-Rite ColorCert job upload

- {AUTO MODE} changing from Makeready to Production from the UI overrides any file import setting

- {AUTO MODE} Print a label from the Auto Mode Summary window

- {AUTO MODE} Choose a PDF report type from the Auto Mode Summary window

- {AUTO MODE} Separate jobs for Front/Back

- {AUTO MODE} Handles incorrect definitions of ScanDate/ScanTime in files

- {AUTO MODE} Updated parser handles misaligned tab delimited Color Tool files

- {AUTO MODE} .cie file support


- X-Rite eXact and X-Rite Intellitrax 2 show if Netprofiler is enabled

- Administrator configurable password strength and expiry.

- Installer supports SSL secure encryption setup

- {WIN} Higher resolution curve images

- Updated KBA Parser

- Colorcert works on Windows 2019 Server

- Importing Apogee curves imports all colours in the file, not those in the current job.

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