pressSIGN's Estimates window shows Solid patch colour measurement data.

For any measured solid colour i.e. 100% CMYK or Spot colour: colour data ∆E, L*a*b (Lab/Density), Ch (Chroma Hue), ∆H, Solid Density (SD).

It shows the range of measurements as dots and the area within the ∆ tolerance range as either a circle of oval. The optimal Density is displayed with its corresponding ∆E value. A slider allows you to see where the different density values sit within the tolerance range.

This display shows solid Orange PANTONE® 021 Spot and an oval ∆E range due to the ∆E2000 setting.

The new Target Color Estimator view allows for statistical analysis of how a colorant changes at different densities and can answer the question "Will a color ever be in standard?" It achieves this by estimating the color at different densities and allows for the checking of the hue and lightness of a color at different densities.