pressSIGN is the most comprehensive, feature rich, product independent (of Press & measurement device manufacturers) colour measurement software for • Printers • Brand owners • Designers • Agencies • Colour Specialists.

pressSIGN links to all popular measurement devices/spectrophotometers and press closed-loop systems, combining  quality assurance and reporting across production types into one single complete solution. Ideal for multi-site organizations and single print sites alike.


How to Buy ?

Simply contact me, Phil Binks. My contact details are on every page of this website.


Which version do I need ?

The best answer is to discuss with me, Phil Binks, but briefly there are 4 Client options...


pressSIGN Digital

Ideal for companies with:

  • Digital presses [inkjet (wide format /web) / HP Indigo / etc], printing up to 16 colors with a digital RIP or digital curve system.


• pressSIGN (Standard)

Ideal for companies with:

  • Small format presses, printing up to 16 colors [litho / Flexo / web / Digital]
  • Color measurements are taken from single-patch scans or short format color bar scans
  • hand-held devices &/or chart reading spectrophotometers
  • Litho workflow &/or Digital based RIPs for curve correction.


• pressSIGN PRO

Ideal for companies with:

  • All format presses, printing up to 16 colors [Litho / Flexo / Gravure / web]
  • Color measurements are taken from long format colour bars/strips
  • scanning spectrophotometers &/or press closed-loop color control systems.
  • Litho workflow &/or Digital based RIPs for curve correction.



The Subscription option is ESSENTIAL for :

  • Utilising pressSIGN in combination with PANTONE ColorCert, PANTONE Live or Shawk! Color Drive

The Subscription also :

  • offers centralized Color management as you can share and synchronize print and press data between sites
  • Share data with print purchasing  and other external organizations
  • provides free upgrades for the duration of the subscription
  • reassigns the cost, satisfying some accountants and finance directors
  • short-term subscriptions (1-month/3-month) for short term & intermittent QA needs or as product trial.


Watch our pressSIGN 11 versions video