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We help you launch and produce successful live online  events, to maximise your revenue, keep your customers watching and returning, whilst developing customer fans, for you, your products & your brand.


During the difficult times for many retailers of 2020 into 2021 a huge number of sales transactions migrated to Internet/web-based transactions, and this new stream of business is  growing.

Remote presentational selling is nothing new.

TV channels such as QVC were by no means the pioneers in this field, but paved the way for a customer base less willing to travel and geographically widespread.

A Buying Customers' view

From a customer's point of view, buying directly from a static web page is impersonal, dull and socially unfulfilling. Businesses with static online shops & web pages capture a very small percentage of purchases versus visitors.

Live online sales allow you to engage & interact directly with customers, and the customers with you, enabling you to offer a much more fulfilling customer experience, and so much more...

The large internet-based sales organisations, such as Amazon realised this and are rapidly expanding their examples of live streamed online counter sales.

What has changed?

The ability for any business large or small, to readily get in front of a huge, potentially worldwide audience, in order to present and sell their wares. Many sellers have already taken steps to sell live online and have discovered the exponential benefits for their sales and services.

Why should I go Live! ?

Increased sales

Our experience has shown that presenting a single live online sale session can increase sales numbers of a retail store from anything from 1 week to 2 months of takings. This can represent a lifeline for many retail outlets and small businesses, or the greatest reason to be in business at all!

Trust Selling live online and presenting your wares builds relationships and trust with your customers, and customers who have never met you or may never even visit your premises. Yet here properly nurtured connection opportunities can create meaningful trusting relationships and buyers wanting to return to buy more.


We believe that any sales organisation which does not go online to provide live purchasing experiences will be seriously disadvantaged against their competition who do.





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