Hi, my name is Phil Binks


I help organizations and individuals nurture relationships with their customers to increase their influence through professionally produced live online events.

This may be to promote & sell products or services, to provide information and messages or grow a fan base.


I have been using video to promote sales of my products across a range of active businesses.

I first tapped into the 'free' online advertising channel which is YouTube in the early 2000's.

Facebook soon recognised that this was a critical development and brought live streaming into its product mix and of course with its acquisition of Instagram, that too launched its live streaming solution.

Amazon Live is already booming and its success will lead to a variety of competitiors launching soon.


Using these Live! online sales vehicles is a tried and tested method for retailers, manufacturers and brands.

Now is the time to start - it's never too late, however big or small your business.


Live online events

I will help you navigate the maze of options, show you how to prepare properly with very little (if any) outlay. Our proposal starts you off with a palatable 'test the water' trial to see if it suits you and your business. If it does, often your imagined ceiling will be raised beyond your dreams!


Why me?

My business process and social media experience combine to help you with marketing of your Live! sales, if marketing is even needed! - some very successful Live! sales use no obvious marketing at all!

We guide and teach you the technology, the strategy, and help with presentation to ensure that you maximise your sales potential when you go Live!


Who can Live! online events work for ?

We've seen a whole range of 'unlikely' successes, including house and car sales, thrift shops, kitchenware and home furnishings, arts & craft suppliers...really it can be moulded to be successful for most sales entities.

If you are a manufacturer or an exclusive supplier this could radically change the way you do business!


Let's get going!

Book time with me for a free consultation

Let's discuss your business and help you formulate and produce your successful Live! online event.





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